Core values

Academic Excellence

Academic excellence is accomplished by providing highest quality educational and learning experiences through academically and professionally qualified and skilled faculty and staff, opportunities for contextual learning, contemporary facilities, and effective learning resources to perform at the highest level. To achieve the overall academic excellence SPARK embarks on: An academically excellent learning environment Continuous improvement in curriculum and design Frequent specific and supportive feedback and formative assessment Use of tools for self-assessment and peer-reviewing Problem resolution mechanism Summative and authentic performance assessments

Learner-centred Approach

Students are central to the institutional priorities, SPARK acts as a steward of student needs and advocates for student academic success and professional development. Realizing the need for learner autonomy and independence, SPARK empowers the students by imparting appropriate skills and practices to draw a plan of action to learn a specific subject to a required level of performance, through reasoning, inquiry, and self-assessment.


Committed to encouraging innovative and creative practices in all aspects of teaching and learning that promote continuous student engagement with new or different pedagogical approaches and technologies in the course design, teaching methodology and student assessment and eventually benefit the students immensely.