Our Approach

In the fast-changing demographics and technology, human life is exponentially undergoing a never-ending and self-propelling changes and the world around is becoming more and more competitive. Education and competition are two universal ingredients of all human cultures. All life forms somehow gain knowledge and skills for survival, however, the depth and level of them needed now in the current knowledge society are exacting, and calls for reinforced knowledge and sharpened skills. Historical records prove that formal competition was restricted to sports in the earlier days, however, over time formal competition in education has become increasingly plausible and gained universal acceptance. Thus, competition is a fact of life and has become an implicit part of current education. The competition enables students to acquire new knowledge and skills to give their best in the real world situation and further helps students to get used to it in their later life. In the present competitive world, winning a competitive examination for entry into a course or a job is highly complex and challenging, the regular curriculum, although imparts domain knowledge but not adequate to make the students come out victorious. SPARK acts as a vital link between the real world and the competitive desires of a student.

What we do

Knowledge abounds the world. But often it is scattered and needs to be brought together and comprehended. As education and competition are intimately linked and the students are now increasingly exhibiting strong competitive desires to survive and stay within the competitive world. Taking a collective and sharing approach, we engage the students in the pursuit of excellence through systematic training and shared wisdom.  SPARK offers a wide range of courses and programs to suit the needs of various competitive examinations such as Civils, IIT/JEE, NEET, etc. with on-campus and online course options.

How we do

We strive to inspire the students incessantly to emerge as the proficient contestants to win through the fierce competition by unleashing an innovation-driven training and mentoring. SPARK equips the students with the required arsenal to compete successfully. To make this happen the SPARK has a four-pronged strategy and embarks on Quality, Proficiency, Experience, and Dynamism.

Distinguished and Experienced faculty

SPARK has a massive intellectual capital led by a team of competent teachers, senior bureaucrats, and professionals from various faculties. Senior bureaucrats from IAS, IPS, IRS & other services constitute the frontline teaching force, and duly supported by strong alumni from diverse fields with proven competencies, thus quality and proficiency are blended and embedded.

Connected Learning

SPARK offers our students individualized attention, Interactive coursework, discussion boards and peer-to-peer activities to ensure that students are never isolated.

Proprietary Content

We design a curriculum for achievable learning outcomes. A dedicated and accomplished team of experts prepare highly professional, yet easy to follow learning resources and the content is made available to the students 24/7.

Academic Simulation

The students will be continuously simulated on model exams resembling the original ones.

Easy to Use

The user experience of Spark’s Learning Management Software is effortless. To facilitate easier access to lessons, videos and data an integrated digital learning platform is in place with robust architecture to ensure a seamless and consistent premier personal experience.

Prompt Service Delivery

The well-knitted administrative team hired from top business schools would make the management user-friendly and ensures prompt delivery of all the services.

Ensuring Your Success

SPARK helps you stay engaged and makes sure you aren’t left behind. So our students can be confident about our commitment to providing an outstanding experience. And they can rely on the enduring value of academics in SPARK.