Incrivel lms

Learning Management System (LMS)

Customized LMS for all the learning needs of your organization. Incrivel is a leading LMS provider for various corporate companies and educational institutes

Automatic enrollment

Inbuilt feature of Learning Management System for learners to register and remind for mandatory courses.

Enhanced Security

Give enhanced security with single sign-in and advanced authentication & firewall to secure the data.

Multilingual Support

Many employees or companions need to be trained in their native dialects. IPIX-LMS allows training in multiple languages.


Features of Learning Management System

Incrivel focuses on creating compelling and engaging digital content for the Education, Publishing, and Technology sectors with Training Solutions, e-Learning Courses & Technology Platforms being the core.

Unlimited Content

Creates unlimited courses with PowerPoint, Video, SCORM files, PDFs, 3D videos and CSV files...

Mobile Management

Manages your training program easily and conveniently with the mobile application.

Easy Management

Built for the easy management of large training programs that involves hundreds or thousands of learners.

Control Account Access

Defines the roles that control various levels of access to account settings, billing, content, and groups.

Powerful Reporting

Measures your trainee's performance of online and instructor-led live training - all from one place.

Ensure Retention

Assesses trainee course retention with our powerful quizzes that provides a choice of six different question types.

Learning Management System

Mobile App

Our mobile apps support iOS and Android. The learning content with full features can be accessed from anywhere at any time, regardless of the device, enabling learning at the point of need.


Gamification will engage and motivate users on their activities in the system with badges, leaderboards, points and achievements. The feature will encourage more users to involve better into learning.


We create custom integrations to facilitate specific configurations to companies, and add new integrations completely on the basis of user's feedbacks. We also allow for third-party integrations with other platforms, such as G Suite, Google Drive, PayPal, Zapier,, PayUBiz, GoToMeeting, iCal, Stripe, xAPI, Turnitin, Single Sign-on with OneDrive, SIS, Office 365, SAML, Equella, LDAP and LTI.

Learning Paths

Giving certificates and badges to the learners for achieving goals by enrolling them in learning paths will motivate and inspire them.


Custom portal, with personalized logo, portal panels, modern color schemes, titles, and pictures, will enable you to well-express the company's identity. You have the privilege to publish calendars, news, and course catalog, to your portal, with a single click.

40+ Languages

Incrivel LMS carries multi-lingual support features, to help trainers ensure their trainees have access to tools and materials in their native languages. Through automatic translation of forum posts and messages to each user's specified language, the system facilitates speakers of all languages to be well-involved in the training, as well as business and social happenings of the organization.



INCRIVEL LMS is a technology-enhanced learning interface for efficient delivery of training, which can be rapidly implemented with great expertise. The system which is compatible with all platforms will help trainers to track reports of the number and details of the trainees who are involved in the training procedure. In fact, it combines a front-end for the trainee/learner with a back-end for trainer/administrators with specific to an organization

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